Benefits of Stretching

In this article we give a brief overview of the benefits of stretching. In addition to improved flexibility and prevention of injuries, there are some other benefits of stretching that are less known. Various sports magazines do mention the advantages, but for the sake of clarity we have listed the advantages.

#1. Helps reduce or manage stress

If you stretch your muscles regularly then they will have less tension.

#2. Decrease muscle stiffness

Due to the increased flexibility of stretching, the stiffness of the muscles gradually decreases.

#3. Improves circulation

During stretching, more blood is transported to the muscles. This increases circulation throughout the body.

#4. Better posture

Tension in the muscles can lead to poor posture. Stretching causes muscles to lengthen therefore parts of the body where muscles tend to shorten take advantage of the larger muscles.

#5. Stretching improves flexibility

If you want to become more flexible, stretching is a good way to go. During stretching, the muscles are lengthened. This helps increase your range of motion and flexibility.

#6. Activates muscles more

Let’s take the upper body stretch as an example.If you regularly stretch the upper body, those muscles are activated 10 to 15% more during exercise. The reason is that trained and stretched muscles have a greater range of motion.

#7. Stretching makes feel relaxed

After a stretch workout, the body is more relaxed. Another good reason to stretch.

#8. Less chance of injuries

Regular stretching has been proven to reduce the risk of injury.

#9. Stretching gives more energy

Stretching is a form of activity that increases energy levels.


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