Cool Down Exercises

If you’re an athlete, you know how important integrating cool down exercises into your workout routine is for your body’s health. Not only does it help guard against injury, but it can make the recovery process faster and less painful. There are many different cool down exercises you can do, but we’ll cover a few of the most effective options that will
protect your body and encourage flexibility and recovery.

What Are Cool Down Exercises?

Cool-down exercises safely transition the body from an active state to a resting one. They are an essential part of every workout routine, but many people fail to do them, falsely believing they hold no real value. In reality, cool-down exercises can actually make your workout more effective and protect your muscles from injury, which is vital to long-term fitness success.

A few additional cool-down exercise benefits include:

  • Increased blood flow to the muscles
  • Enable the muscle to perform more effectively
  • Improved physical activity performance
  • Decreased injury risk

Popular And Effective Cool Down Exercises

Take five to ten minutes doing these cool-down exercises after your workout to soothe your body and make it
feel energized and amazing.

The Seated Twist

Begin by sitting on the ground, legs stretched straight in front of you. Bend the left knee, crossing it over the right leg and putting your foot flat on the ground. Breathing deeply, lift your right arm, exhale and bring it over your left thigh, gently stretching your back. Hold for a count of ten while breathing deeply. Switch sides.

Behind Your Back Forearm Stretch

While comfortably seated, reach your arms behind you, grab your wrists or forearms and press down with your shoulders and squeeze the shoulder blades. Pull gently to stretch and hold for a count of ten.

Plank To Scorpion

On the ground, enter into a straight-armed plank position. While inhaling, pull your left knee up to your right wrist, then exhale, pushing your left leg up to the sky and back toward your head as far as possible, dropping your head down simultaneously. Do five to ten slow and controlled reps, then switch sides.

Sumo Squat

Standing with feet slightly wider than hip distance, sink deeply into a squat, bringing the elbows inside the thighs, and resting on the knees. Hold and push your knees outward; repeat five to ten times slowly.

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